Auctioning Her Ass with Sofia Lee, Ebony Mystique, Charlie Dean


Charlie Dean and his wife attend a fancy auction where sexy Ebony Mystique, the auctioneer, and curvy Sofia Lee, a well-to-do bidder, greet them and show off their hot bodies. Before the auction begins, Ebony gets Charlie’s attention by flashing her huge tits behind his wife’s back! Ebony tells Charlie to grab Sofia’s pearls for her, and boob-drunk Charlie complies! After he hands them off, Ebony hides the pearl necklace up her thicc ass, but Sofia spots them dangling out of her short dress as Ebony walks to the podium! When the auction begins, Sofia and Charlie’s stuffy wife make bids, but Sofia gets fed up! When Charlie holds up a pervy sign and gets called up front, Sofia storms to the stage and demands her pearls from Ebony’s ass … But doesn’t realize Charlie’s already passed them to his wife, who takes off to try them on. Sofia fingers and explores Ebony’s juicy pussy and ass looking for her necklace, which turns them both on leading to hot scissoring and lesbian sex on the auction table. Charlie watches, then offers to jump in and make it a wild anal threesome! Sofia and Ebony fuck Charlie’s brains out until his wife returns … Just as Charlie’s giving them both brand new pearl necklaces!

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